App definitions

For adapting the raw definitions of your app, go to your app's XML Configuration page.

You will find the app definitions in the Portal under "Advanced" » "XML Configuration".
The general app definitions that apply for the entire app are at the top of the page.

backgroundcolor=;Sets the background color of the app.hex codebackgroundcolor=FFFFFF;
backgroundimage= ;Defines an image as the background of the app.Url pointing directly to an image file.backgroundimage=http://abc.png;
backgroundopacity=;Sets the opacity of a defined background image.Values between 1-10backgroundopacity=6;
topareaimage=;Creates an image at the top of the app (under the title bar). This top image will react on push and pull events of the underlying elements.Url pointing directly to an image file.topareaimage=http://abc.png;
topareaheight=;Defines the height of the top image in % of the whole screen.%topareaheight=18%;
paddinghorz=;Defines a space left and right.pxpaddinghorz=5;
paddingvert=;Defines a space at the top (under the title bar) and below the last element.pxpaddingvert=10;
functionbuttoncolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the function button (at the top right position).hex codefunctionbuttoncolor=#09679b;
actionbuttoncolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the action button (e.g. + button in lists or upload button in surveys).hex codeactionbuttoncolor=#FF5600;
printsheet=;Open as App supports the print areas of your spreadsheet. This definition defines which sheet of your workbook should be used for printing.
You can define page specific print sheets (see "page definitions").
The worksheet name of your workbook that should be used for print functionality.printsheet=Sheet1;
headeropacity=;Sets the opacity of the title bar containing the app name or page names.
This definition will automatically put the top area image at the top of the page (behind the top area header).
Value between 1-10headeropacity=8;
headercolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the title bar.hex codeheadercolor=#09679b;
headercaptioncolor=;Sets the header caption text color.hex codeheadercaptioncolor=#09679b;
headerfade=;Headerfade is for the title bar to be automatically transparent when scrolling up, and opaque when scrolling down.

Effect is only visible if the headeropacity flag (headeropacity=<value 0-10>;) is set.
allowpushtoserver=;With this definition you can enable (if true) or disable (if false) the editing of lists by users.true/falseallowpushtoserver=true;
allowpushtosheet=;(depends on allowpushtoserver)
Disables writing back to the original sheet, list edits are only applied locally, the action still gets logged.
allowstorecalculations=;Disables the "save calculation" feature.true/falseallowstorecalculations=true;
allowcomments=;Disables the commenting feature.true/falseallowcomments=true;
allowuploadcalculations=;Enables uploading of calculations for surveys etc. Such calculations are only pushed to the app's log and cannot be loaded in the app again.true/falseallowuploadcalculations=true;
clearvaluesafterupload=;Defines whether the values are reset after the survey has been sent.true/falseclearvaluesafterupload=false;
pagecount=;Defines the number of pages in the app. Each page can be opened using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.numberpagecount=2;
useremailcell=;If this definition is set, the user's email address is written to the stated cell when the app is started.Worksheet and cell into which the user's email address should be inserted.useremailcell=Sheet1!B5;
forceupdates=;Disables the possibility to skip an app update.true/falseforceupdates=true;
disablepageselection=;Disables page tabs at the bottom of the app as well as in the function menu.true/false
Default: false
confirmunsavedchanges=;Enables an additional dialog that allows the user to decide whether changes in the app should be discarded and continue with the action (leave app, check for updates) or whether he wants to stay in the app and save the changes if necessary.true/false
Default: false
pagetabsheight=;Defines the height of the page tabs at the bottom of your app
(Native Client only)
Default: 50
pagetabsselectioncolor=;Defines the color of the page tabs at the bottom of your app
(Native Client only)
hex codepagetabsselectioncolor=#FF5600;
pagetabsfillmode=;Defines the way how the page tabs bar is shown. The automatic behavior uses fill mode if everything fits on screen, stack mode otherwise.stack, fill, auto
Default: auto
startpagecell=;Can be used to conditionally define the page that is displayed when starting the app.App: startpagecell=table1!A1;
Value in table1!A1: 1 (for pageid="1") 2, (for pageid="2"),...
disabletopareaautocollapse=;The top area image is hidden automatically when the user interacts with the list to increase the vertical screen space and display more rows.

With the definition disabletopareaautocollapse=true; you can now prevent this behavior.
Default: false
usenewlayoutcalculation=;When this definition is set to true, no minheight enforcement is done. This can only be enabled in the app definitions, so the setting applies to all elements in the app.true/false
Default: false
useneweditors=;When this definition is set to true, your app will have the new inline editors available.true/false
Default: false
disableautoupdatecheck=;When using a specialized data provider (using the OAuth flow for app data access, ie. spreadsheeturl=dropbox:myfileid1234) we recognize if changes in the source file have been made and send out a notification to the app.

For regular http urls (this includes files hosted in the openasapp cloud and public sharelinks from external providers; ie. shreadsheeturl= the server must support HTTP HEAD method and ETag header values.

Dropbox and Microsoft Sharel Lnks work fine, however google drive sharelinks don't provide the etag header value so for Google Drive files and Google Sheets we only show notifications for file changes when using the oauth flow, not when using Share Links.
Default: false

This will deactivate the automatic check if the source file has been edited.
disableautoaddtohomescreen=;After an app has been opened for the third time, we ask the user if he want's to add a shortcut to the app on his homescreen.

You can deactivate this behavior by adding the definition disableautoaddtohomescreen=true;
Default: false

Setting paddings, spacing and background color

App "oaa doc - app definitions #1":

  1. Set background color to #c1d36e
  2. Set function button color to #ff5600
  3. Set horizontal padding (40) and vertical padding (20)
  4. Set spacing to 10

Header opacity & caption color

App "BMI Calculator":

App with a defined background image and set header opacity and caption color. Horizontal padding and spacing in this app is set to 8px.