Definition reference for editor buttons

backgroundcolor=;Sets the background color of the button.hex codebackgroundcolor=#009F75;
buttonheight=;Sets the height of the checkbox element.px or as % of the displaybuttonheight=90;
captiontextcolor=;Sets the main caption text color (hex value)hex codecaptiontextcolor=#FFFFFF;
captionfontsize=;Sets the text font size of the caption text (default = 14)pxcaptionfontsize=20;
bordercolor=;Sets the border color with a given hex value.hex codebordercolor=#EDAD52;
valuecheckedcolor=;Defines the color of an checkedcheckmark.hex codevaluecheckedcolor=#FF0056;
valueuncheckedcolor=;Defines the color of an uncheckedcheckmark.hex codevalueuncheckedcolor=#FF5600;