Data Protocol Settings


Users can send calculations (all input and output fields) to a server-side log.
This data can only be seen here by the app admin and doesn't affect the app in any way. The data is only pushed to the app's log and cannot be loaded in the app again.

The most common use case for this functionality are survey and form apps. Check out "Create survey and form apps based on Excel" for more information about creating such apps as well as evaluating the data directly with Open as App.

App definition
Enables submitting values from input and output fields contained in the app to a server-side log.true/falseallowuploadcalculations=true;
App definition
Each time a user uploads data in the app a new entry in the log is created. This creates a history in the log.

You can filter this log to only show the most recent entry per user by deactivating the survey history.
Element definition
With the definition protocolhidden=true; you can ensure that values from elements do not appear in the log in which the flag is set.true/falseprotocolhidden=true;
Element definition
With this definition you can set a customized caption which applies only to the protocol. This means that the caption in the element (caption="string";) can be different from that in the log.

Normally, the caption of the element is used for the headings in the log. If no caption is set, the cell reference is taken.
If this flag is set, it is used instead of caption/cell reference as caption in the log.