Input Cells

Definition reference for editor buttons


caption text


metric text


editor elements. The button will increase or decrease the value by the definition "deltastep"


value text. The value will increase or decrease by using a swipe gesture


editortype=tileedit; very reduced editor without step buttons. Values can be changed with a click or by swiping.




separatorcolor=D5D5D5; shows a small line at the bottom of the editor


a integer button with border radius and a button opacity. The image in the background was defined using the app definition "backgroundimage=xxx"

padding=;Defines the border width around the element.pxpadding=8;
Defines the padding on the defined sides.px
minvalue=;Sets the minimum value of this editor (for number values).
maxvalue=;Sets the maximum value of this editor (for number values).
deltastep=;This defines the default increase/decrease of the value when a step button is pressed.
multilinecaption=;Allows the caption to word wrap the texttrue, false
buttonradius=;Sets a button radius for the corners (rounded button with corner radius = )px
editortype=;defines a simple flat tile button layouttileedit, valueright, center
bordercolor=;sets the border color with a given hex value = xxxhex code
elementcolor=;sets the color of the step up/down buttons (+/- or </>)hex code
metrictext=;Sets an additional caption (normally at the right top). This can be used to set value descriptions (e.g. "in USD").Any valuemetrictext=in USD;
captiontextcolor=sets the main caption text color (hex value)hex code
captionfontsize=;sets the text font size of the caption text (default = 14)px
metrictextcolor=;sets the text color of the metric text (hex value)hex code
metricfontsize=;sets the text font size of the metric text (default = 14)px
buttonheight=;sets the height of the result button (in "pixel" or as a percentage of the display)px or as % of the displaybuttonheight=90;
backgroundcolor=;sets the background color of the button to hex value = xxxhex code
separatorcolor=;Draws a simple colored line below the element.

Lines for single elements are not full width.

Lines for groups are full width.
hex code
default: transparent
numberformat=N0; (N1, N2, Nx)
numberformat=P0; (P1, P2, Px)
numberformat=C0; (C1, C2, Cx)
Sets the number format of the value (if it is a number). Only for double editors!

N0 is a number without decimal place. N1 with one, N2 with two, ...

Px stands for a percentage value with x decimal.
Cx stands for a currency value with x decimal.
N - Precision specifier: Desired number of decimal places.

P - Precision specifier: Desired number of decimal places.

C - Precision specifier: Number of decimal digits.
numberformat=N2; > 1,234.57
numberformat=P2; > 1,234.57
numberformat=C2; > $123.46
buttonopacity=;Sets the opacity of the button background.hex code
valuefontsize=;Defines the text font size of the value text.px
valuetextcolor=;Defines the text font color of the value.hex code
valuenegativetextcolor=;Defines the text font color of a negative value.hex code
valuelist=,,;Sets the available values of a toggle editor.
allowemptyvalue=;Defines if users are able to select an empty value in the toggle editor (drop-down list).

In your Excel, the "Ignore blank" check box needs to be checked when setting the definition allowemptyvalue=true;
default: allowemptyvalue=false;
forcevalidselection=;The spreadsheet cell is updated with the first "valid value" (ie. the first value of the value list) if the old selection becomes invalid. This is useful for scenarios where the user first picks from a set of items in toggle editor A and then has to select a sub-item in toggle editor B.true/false
default: forcevalidselection=false;


Special functionality

If you define the caption as "fromcell:Table1!D5" the text will be fetched directly from the spreadsheet cell that you have defined. In this example the caption will show the value from cell "D5" in table "Table1".