Header definitions

The flag "labelbackgroundcolor=;" switches the header to "label style".

Header element with the definition "labelbackgroundcolor=D5D5D5;".

height=;Sets the height of the header.px or as % of the displayheight=100;
backgroundcolor=;Defines the background color of the header.hex codebackgroundcolor=#CBCBCB;
textfontsize=;Defines the text font size of the caption text.px
default: 21
textcolor=;Defines the text font color of the caption text.hex codetextcolor=#FFFFFF;
labelbackgroundcolor=;Using this flag the header uses the label header style (with the color value as label color)hex codelabelbackgroundcolor=#D5D5D5;
buttonradius=;Sets a radius for rounded corners.pxbuttonradius=5;