Hub definitions

backgroundimage=;Defines an image as the background in the hub.Url pointing directly to an image file.backgroundimage=http://abc.png;
topareaimage=;Creates an image at the top of the hub (under the title bar). This top image will react on push and pull events of the underlying elements.Url pointing directly to an image file.topareaimage=http://abc.png;
topareaheight=;Defines the height of the top image.pxtopareaheight=200;
functionbuttoncolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the function button (at the top right position).hex codefunctionbuttoncolor=#09679b;
padding=,,,;Sets padding for left, top, right, bottom.Comma separated px values
Order: Left, top, right, bottom.
cardtype=;Sets the type of the app cards shown in the view.small, large
Default: large
headeropacity=;Sets the opacity of the title bar containing the hub name.
This definition will automatically put the top area image at the top of the page (behind the top area header).
Value between 1-10headeropacity=8;
headercolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the title bar.hex codeheadercolor=#09679b;