Open as App Developer Hub

Welcome to our developer hub. You'll find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck. Let's jump right in!

Open as App is an Instant App Creator. Within seconds you can turn existing Excel files or Google Sheets into professional apps with high functionality online and offline. We even enable automated app creation directly from business systems.

The Cloud-based service turns calculations, lists, and forms into user-friendly apps that you can share with your team, partners or clients on all major platforms.
Our host app - Open as App - is available for iOS, Android and UWP (Universal Windows Platform). We are working on a browser-based client.

The best thing is - the tool does not require any programming knowledge from the user and your apps are available immediately!

The Open as App service has three major parts: First, the creation of your app. Second, the management of your apps and users you invite to your team. And third, the app client for users who receive your apps - including yourself.

1. Create an app with the Instant App Creator

As a registered user, you can create apps out of spreadsheets using the Instant App Creator.
You simply take your Excel spreadsheet and let our wizard create an app out of it. You don't need any coding or programming skills. Your file already contains all information that is needed for your app.

This way your employees can produce apps within their field of expertise based on the excel sheets already in use (or Google Sheets). This way you will turn your systems mobile faster and at a fraction of the cost app projects normally cause.

2. Manage and share your apps in the Web Portal

As a registered user you can manage & edit apps you have created on the Open as App Web Portal and invite people to use your apps. Depending on the publish status of your app you can share it with the whole world, or with persons you specify.

Your app is published by default in private mode. This means that only you can access this app unless you change the mode to public in the application's privacy and sharing settings, or if you invite someone to the private app.

3. Use your own and other apps with the "Open as App" Client

You can "consume" the apps created on Open as App using the "Open as App" Client. This is the host app for all mobile applications you have created by yourself, have been invited to or are set for public use.

Open as App is available for iOS, Android and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) - for free.

These links will take you directly to the "Open as App" App in your store: