Page definitions

You can set global definitions for each page of your app.

summarywidth=;Defines the width of the floating summary button. (Appears if one of the result buttons in the app is flagged with showinsummary=true;)pxsummarywidth=110;
summaryopacity=;Defines the opacity of the floating summary button.Value between 1-10summaryopacity=8;
summarybackgroundcolor=;Defines the backgroundcolor of the floating summary button.hex codesummarybackgroundcolor=AC190D;
mainpadding=;Sets uniform padding.pxmainpadding=10;
Padding for all four sides is 10 pixels.
mainpadding=,;Sets horizontal and vertical padding.Comma separated px values
Order: horizontal, vertical.
Padding for the top and bottom is 10 pixels, the left and right is 30 pixels.
mainpadding=,,,;Sets padding for left, top, right, bottom.Comma separated px values
Order: Left, top, right, bottom.
actionbuttontype=;Sets the action button type for the page.

auto: Displays a button for the default primary action of your app e.g. add new entry if the page contains a list.

none: Disables the action button for this page.

add: Shows the + button for the add row functionality in lists.

upload: Shows the upload button for uploading data to the server.

home: Shows the home button which redirects to the main page of the app.

externalLink: When pressing the action button the corresponding url set by the definition actionbuttonurl= will be called. (Web Client only)
auto, none, add, upload, home, externalLink,
Default: auto
actionbuttonurl=;Defines the url which should be called when clicking on the action button type "externallink"
(Web Client only)
actionbuttontext=;Defines the text displayed in the action button.
(Web Client only)
Any value except ";"actionbuttontext=Start digitalization;
actionbuttonposition=;Defines the horizontal position of the action button.
(Web Client only)
center, left, right
Default: right
actionbuttonradius=;Defines the button radius of the action button.
(Web Client only)
Default: half of button height
printsheet=;Open as App supports the print areas of your spreadsheet. This definition defines which sheet of your workbook should be used for printing when clicking the "Print as PDF" button on this page of your app.The worksheet name of your workbook that should be used for print functionality.printsheet=Table1;
disabletopareaautocollapse=;The top area image is hidden automatically when the user interacts with the list to increase the vertical screen space and display more rows.

With the definition disabletopareaautocollapse=true; you can now prevent this behavior.
Default: false