Introduction to definitions

Raw definitions can be used to customize even the last bits of your apps beyond the capabilities of the wizard.

This is your app...

Your app consists of different areas that can be modified separately. Each area has it's own specifics.


This is how your app is subdivided. Depending on your settings and needs you might change the color of the function button or delete the top area image.

and that's the app card.

This is how your app shows up in search results or the favorites view in the host app. The card caption area contains your app name.


You can select an image as background for your card or a simple color. Even the height of the card can be adjusted.


We use app definitions to apply settings to the entire app.

With page definitions you can specify each page of your app.

It is possible to set definitions for the app card. This is how your app shows up in search results or the favorites view.

Your app consists of different elements like result buttons, spacers, grids or charts. Each of the elements has its own specifics.

For adapting the raw definitions of your app, go to your app's XML Configuration page.

  • Open your app in the Portal.
  • Expand the category "Advanced" in the left menu.
  • Open the "XML Configuration" view.

Here you can inspect and edit the app's underlying XML model and edit the semicolon separated raw definitions.

At the top of the page you will find the general app definitions that apply for the entire app, like the top area image or a activated print functionality.
Below you will find all specific items contained in your app.

Switch in the configuration to edit mode by clicking the pencil symbol in the upper right corner of the editor window. You can work in fullscreen mode by clicking the icon above.
Save your work with a click on the check mark symbol.


Raw XML Configuration

Depending on the element you are working with, you have various options and definitions available.
In the tables below, you will find the corresponding raw definitions, a description, and the allowed values.


Old definitions

You will find definitions in demo apps that you will not find in the tables anymore. The tables show the most current status. All other definitions are supported for compatibility reasons.