3. The Application Player

The following section will show you how to access apps by Open as App for the first time and how to manage apps you have been invited to.

The application player is what you want when using an app created with Open as App. Either you have been invited to use an app or you have found a public app that you would like to use.


First time users:

In case you have been invited to use an app you will have received an email with a link to your app by the person inviting you. Click on the link on your smartphone or preferred device. Open as App will now ask for your permission to load the application player. Click on OK to continue or NO if you don't want to use the app/Open as App.

Open as App will automatically install the correct app player for your platform. App players are available for Windows (Windows Tablet / Windows Phone / Windows 10 desktop), iOS (iPad / iPhone), Android and as our Web Client for your Browser. Mac will follow but is not yet available.

If you have already used an app from the Open as App service on your device the app player will be already be installed. The app you have been invited to will show under invitation. Click on the button to accept. Then you will see the respective app tile in the "My Apps" view on your mobile device.

Manage apps on your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop

Your start screen

With the app player Open as App offers you all-round app management on your Smartphone. That includes your app dashboard with images and links to all your apps. The main menu with an INFO section with news and invitations to other users' apps, the log-in section to view and change your account information and a right hand menu to add favorites and edit the structure of your start screen. With the search bar you can find any app by using open text search.


Edit options: You can change the size of the app images by clicking on the right hand menu bar.


Small Cards

The main menu

On the left hand side a hideable menu bar shows all your apps in the categories "Active View", "Team Hubs" and "Recents".

Favorites: You can define favorite apps by clicking on your app. Use the menu bar on the right hand side and click on "Add to favorites".
My Apps: Will show you all apps you have access to.

TEAM HUBS will show you all App Hubs you have been invited to participate.

RECENTS will list the apps you have used lately.

When clicking on Active View, Team Hubs or Recents your Start Screen will only display the selected apps. To view all apps click on Active View/all again.

INFO will show you invitations to other apps and news from the Open as App team.

The LOGGED IN field will show your log-in details and the edit icon to make changes to your account information.

The search bar

The search bar is visible on all pages. You can use full text to search the app portal and find new apps.

The right menu bar
Apart from defining your favorites apps you can also REFRESH your apps and change the size of the tiles of your start screens using the rideable right menu bar.