Notify your users about a spreadsheet update by forcing the "update available" screen.

When the spreadsheet for an app is hosted in the Open as App cloud, an update notification is sent to all users of the app whenever the spreadsheet is update.

When an app uses a spreadsheet from a remote source (like Dropbox, Google Sheets or a custom server), Open as App is not automatically notified when the file is updated. The administrator of the app needs to inform Open as App about updates on the original file manually. This can either be done manually by clicking on the Save button in the admin portal, or it can be automated by using this API call.

This call forces the "update available" screen to appear when users open the app the next time. If the user decides to update the app, the most recent version of the app including its spreadsheet is downloaded again. For example, this call can be used to notify Open as App that the remotely hosted spreadsheet of an app was updated and that users should download the new version next time they open the app.


API Token required

This call requires an API Token for authentication.

Go to /user/apiTokens to create one. You need to supply the generated token in the Authorization: Token <ApiToken> header to authenticate your account when using this API call.

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