Connect your apps to a custom external web service, including the possibility to return user-specific data.

Set the spreadsheet URL of your app to this URL to make the app load its Excel file from a custom web service of yours. Allows to build apps loading their data dynamically from a web service instead of a static Excel file.

The web service is invoked with an ordinary HTTP GET call and is expected to return a binary XLSX file.

The web service is provided with a X-OAA-USER-IDENTITY header containing a token which can be used with the /webServices/validateUserIdentity endpoint to obtain information about the calling user's identity. Enables the web service to return user-specific data, enabling us to build apps presenting their users with their very own user-specific custom-tailored data.


Try it!

You can easily test your web service by invoking it with the Try it button in the right panel. Simply provide your user name and password when prompted and the tunnel will provide your web service with a corresponding X-OAA-USER-IDENTITY token.


Looking for a way to test and debug your web services locally?

Have a look at ngrok for tunneling requests to localhost!

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